Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarah Palin Hurts My Brain

That is all.


Faded Giant said...


Miss X said...

I like her thus far.

Jamie said...

"I like her thus far."

I think she would be likable as a person. Just not as a leader of the free world. The problem is that she is so horrifically ignorant, ill-informed, and apparently proud of that fact. Here is my favorite horror story from the campaign:

She complained about how we should be supporting our autistic children, and in the same breath commented on allegedly wasteful spending on "fruit fly research in Paris, France" was her exact words. Now firstly, Palin was apparently...unaware that fruit fly genomes are the easiest to sequence, and thus have led to HUGE advances in understanding genes in general and early development... including advances in autism research! Equally, the allegedly pro-farmer Palin neglected, in her rush to say the words "Paris, France" (with great, pejorative, dismissive relish), to even look up what the money was GOING TOWARDS, aside from vague descriptors like "fruit fly research"... which in this case? The money, which was barely above 200k? Was going to basically purchase research on how to COMBAT fruit flies, which at the time were devastating olive crops... in California, you know... AMERICA.

And that wasn't even touching the embarrassment of her apparently not reading any magazines or newspapers or, you know... news at all. Something I wouldn't necessarily pick on Jane Sixpack for, except she's a freaking governor and she expected to be elected VP of the US! I mean, seriously, a person in that kind of position needs to be a LOT more well-informed than that if they expect to NOT be thrown for a loop on-the-job. I'm trying not to also judge her on the fact that she had to go to five different colleges just to get a two-year degree in something completely banal and not really all that difficult, but it's not very flattering when taken into consideration with all that other stuff.

Those together told me everything I needed to know about how well she'd "help" run the country; she would probably AT BEST skim any memo ever put in front of her, would never pay attention to much of anything going on in the world, and anything remotely science-y would go in one ear and out he other. God only knows how much more she'd screw up the educational system, let alone the ONE THING (science) that would let us be competitive in the future/current global economy and stay safer in an increasingly populated and technologically-advanced world.

I have no problem with women running for office (I should hope not, being a woman!); I don't even necessarily have a problem with people who claim to be "conservative" or whatever, because a lot of my friends are; and I could give a flying flip how many kids she has - kudos, she's working mom! Whatever.

But to show that kind of stunning, downright proud ignorance - no, not just ignorance, ignorance due to not just bias but LAZINESS - and to not even have the decency to seem flustered or nervous when she does... my God, I swear I'd be crying for a week if THAT become our Pres or VP.

Sarah Palin absolutely horrified me through her proud, lazy ignorance, and I'm glad she and her running mate lost the election. If they seriously try to put her back up in four years, I swear to God, I will do everything to help campaign against her. The country needs and deserves better than that idiot.