Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Crappy Grades Gets Minority Kids Acceptance...OR DO THEY?

I was on cnn.com this morning at 11 AM EST after a near-all-nighter last night of work, when I happened upon this fine tidbit of Latest News:

"Crappy grades get minority kids acceptance." Two questions come to mind. 1) What the hell is the term "Crappy" doing on there? and 2) What could this article possibly be about? Affirmative Action? If so, that's a hell of a way to put it.

Turns out it was a video report about how kids are forced to "act white" to conform to minority stereotypes among friends. I thought it was pretty sad, but still, when does Cnn.com use the term "Crappy" on their front page?

Hours later (12:30 pm), turns out somebody realized that this wasn't exactly going to elevate CNN.com into the journalistic pantheon of serious news providers:

"Lousy grades." Much better.

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