Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dennis Miller Compared

Back in Seasons 1-2, when Family Guy was still good (yup, I said it), one of their episodes had the following great cold open:

(Thanks to Youtube user "mikedotd" for the vid)

Man, that Dennis Miller sure is smart...and so hard to understand, with all those obscure references! But he couldn't possibly be THAT opaque in real life...could he? It had been awhile since I'd last seen Dennis Miller; I remembered him having tons of random allusions in his monologues, but I didn't think he was THAT bad.

Until last night's Daily Show interview gave me an opportunity to compare, yet again:

What the going on. I was with him through "Atticus Finch" and the "Louvre of DNA", but I started to lose it around "The Cape of Good Hope," the "breadfruit," "Barry Scheck," and the "Carpathia."

P.S. Wikipedia helps make Dennis Miller funny.

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