Monday, April 23, 2007

Babel Music

I saw Babel this weekend.

I've been a huge fan of Innaritu since "Amores Perros." I have "21 Grams" on DVD. But this one, I wasn't too big a fan of. I'm not going to write too much here except to say that Innaritu seemed to want the moral of the story to be "We're all connected," when instead the most important lesson that should be learned from the film, I think, is "If you're a goatherder in a third-world country, don't use your rifle to take potshots at buses carrying American tourists."

Something that I really enjoyed was the last track of the film, (MINOR SPOILER AHEAD) which plays over the scene when a broken Chieko embraces her father on the balcony of their highrise. I was able to find the track on Youtube, with lightshow included(!). It's a beautiful, moving piece that veers off into modern atonalism at certain points. Overall, I like it a lot. Enjoy:
(From Youtube user jack19999)

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