Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Forrest Whitaker Is The Man

If you didn't see The Shield last night (Season 6, Episode 2), then don't read on.

But if you did, you saw the resolution to one of the most intense, gripping, and compelling plotlines on any show, ever. Lieutenant John Kavanugh was caught for planting evidence and framing Vic. He was arrested for obstruction/interfering with a police investigation. And in the course of a few minutes, he went from being one of the most hated and reviled characters on The Shield to being someone you almost felt sorry for.

Who could take you through this dramatic range of emotions in such a short period of time? None other than Forrest Whitaker, who I firmly believe is one of the finest working actors today. No matter who he plays, whether it be a ruthless dictator ("Last King of Scotland"), a desperate locksmith ("Panic Room") , an Irish prisoner ("The Crying Game"), or a relentless police officer, he manages to disappear into the role, to make you utterly believe that he is that person:

(From user "shamtaker")

I'm so glad this man finally got some love at the Oscars this year. May your star shine brightly and proudly for years to come, Forrest.

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