Monday, April 16, 2007

Four Hot Dance / Popping Videos (And 1 bonus video)

I'm hard at work on a lengthy blog post about the Sopranos, but in the meantime, here are some of the best dance videos I've ever seen, posted up for absolutely no reason at all! Seriously though, some of these guys are incredible:

Korean Dance Team PREPIX - check out the Matrix-esque sickness starting around 3:00 into the video (i.e. with 1:00 remaining):

(From Youtube user hawoosin)

U-Min - These guys redefine the phrase "Doing the robot":

(From Youtube user yoops)

Hilti & Bosh -

(from Youtube user lorenzero)

More PREPIX Madness - this time with fake mirror:

(from Youtube user hawoosin)

OK Go - I bought their CD after watching this video. Not even close to the talent of the other guys here but they have the creativity to make up for it. Kudos to them for putting this out for free:

(From OkGo)

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