Friday, April 06, 2007

Internet Fanboys Get Their Wish: Fountain DVD Gets New Cover

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Humor me for a minute. Go to Type in "Fountain DVD Cover Art." In addition to my posting on bad dvd cover art, you'll see LOTS of hate about "The Fountain" cover. It's palpable. When I ran the Google search, the hate almost jumped out of my monitor and rained down blows upon me. People detest the DVD cover, and with good cause.

But I was reading FilmJunk the other day and I saw this piece of news.

The Fountain DVD is getting new cover art! Here's the new art:

The revision was confirmed on Darren Aronofsky's MySpace blog:

"dvd... i saw that terrible art and i worked hard to get it changed. the studio wouldn't hire dan and jeremy, my vfx team, to do it but i got them to use the art from the international campaign which is pretty nice.

it's a very stripped down dvd and i do hope at some point to make a definitive collector's edition but that will be in a few years."

Is it as amazing as it should be? No. Is it a significant improvement? YES. Does it now make the DVD a much more appealing purchase? HELL YES. Many that I've spoken with/read would have preferred the use of one of the film's amazing one-sheets. But now's no time for negative thoughts. The collective bitching of the Internet has accomplished something! Go out, and toast to your influence.


MG Siegler said...

Nice! No doubt the success of your post had something to do with it!

Anonymous said...

cant wait to finally see this thing. Never saw the original concept for the cover. I assume puke-inducing?