Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Four Inspirational Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

After last night's awful story, it's time for some stories that will make you feel good about humanity.

I'm a sucker for stories in which people rise and overcome major obstacles. I love movies like "Remember the Titans" and "Rudy," like "Cinderella Man" and "October Sky." Today, I want to share with you a few stories that happened just a little bit more recently. I saw one of these movies on Reddit and thought I'd compile a few of them here. Together, I hope they give you a sense of what potential every one of us has, and a sense of the sheer power of the human spirit. I know they have for me.

The Story of Ben Underwood:

(From Youtube user ericscotthasherpes)
Go here for CBS' article

The Story of Rick and Dick Hoyt:

(From Youtube user derfermark)
Visit Team Hoyt's website here

The Story of Jason McElwain:

(From marcuspessoa)
Read an MSBNC article here

My personal favorite - The Story of Patrick Hughes:

(From Youtube user kpmac1)
Read/hear the NPR story here

I will never listen to Claire De Lune the same way again...

Bonus Video:

(From Youtube user Madyeti47)

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