Friday, May 18, 2007

New Update Schedule

(By LanBui via CC)

May 18th, 2007 - I've cranked out a lot of content for this blog in the past 2 months and I've realized that ultimately, at the rate I'm going, I will either a) Burn out very quickly, and/or b) Fail to find any significant niche on this gigantic country we call the internet. I work a full-time job and take classes on the side, and blogging adds an extra 10-20 hours to that, so I need to find an update schedule that's more sustainable. Here's a tentative update list that I'm going to try to stick to.

Monday-Tues - a post about Politics or Culture
Wednesday-Thursday - a post about TV/Film/Internet happenings
Friday-Weekend - Assorted web and video/finds (usually more than one post)

The bare minimum goal is to write at least two very substantive posts/essays a week. More than that is always an option. Just thought you guys might like to know; as always, thanks for reading.

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