Saturday, May 12, 2007

Over My Head

As I've written before, I think HBO promos are great. Not only are they cut together well but they use great music. As a result of hearing songs being played in HBO trailers, I've actually gone out and bought many CDs (For example, I am now Tammany Hall NYC's biggest fan).

Here's the song from their most recent promo for their new line-up. It's by "The Fray," which is a group that's been growing on me recently. I post it here just because the song has been relentlessly running through my head and by posting, I hope to achieve some sort of catharsis that will exorcise it.

(From Youtube user wt1391)

BONUS VIDEO: Tammany NYC's "Cindy." They had a couple of songs featured in HBO promos and this song was featured in Scrubs. This video gives me a headache, so try to just listen to the music.

(From Youtube user delrockk)

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