Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tony Snow Is a Liar

I usually don't just put up posts with Daily Show videos but I figure since I already made a road trip post, it's no big deal.

The reason I'm posting these vids is because for some reason I just thought last night's Daily Show was hilarious, even moreso than usual. Stewart continually proves that he can pull off not only political satire, but plain old screwball comedy. Watch, and be amazed.

Note: These vids (and this post) will be taken down when the vids expire.


Teresa said...

That was a good episode of TDS. I was starting not to watch anymore.

Travis said...

I'm not sympathetic to Stewart's political persuasion, but that was a funny sequence. This administration needs to let go of "mi amigo".

Brian Woods said...

The Tony Snow bit was amazing!

As a former news employee who saw people struggling to "win weather," the last part was a blast, too!