Friday, July 20, 2007

My Take On That Chickenhawk Video

Over the weekend, the following video was posted on the Huffington Post, and subsequently exploded:

Young Republicans are notorious for their lavish, excessive parties and are generally not people I'd want my daughter to be hanging around. This video tries to demonstrate this notion.

So what do I think? I'm not one to pull my punches with Republicans or with Christians, but this video is 50% interesting and 50% travesty. The biggest selling point of the video lies in the fact that he asked a bunch of people why they don't go and fight in the war. While some of them beg off with lousy reasons (embarrassingly lousy, and rightfully so), several of them actually appear to have medical issues, and seem like they genuinely want to serve their country in this way. This seems to be lost on the interviewer/blogger, who casts these situations as spurious. Despite the interesting points he could have made, in the end, the interviewer comes off as more of a jerk than anything else.

As for the Christians made to look like idiots, I can't really say anything in their defense...

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