Tuesday, July 17, 2007

DVD Cover Ruination: The Premonition DVD Cover

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Sandra Bullock's "Premonition" was not Oscar-worthy material. Still, it had one of the better movie posters of the year, a curious clump of trees that formed what looks like Sandra Bullock's face:

Classy, eye-catching, and not-a-little creepy. It really demonstrates how powerful just a simple image can be. Imagine my surprise, then, when they decided to ruin the one good thing the film had going for it. I saw the DVD cover today. It's like the movie poster, only someone has stolen its soul and replaced it with pure evil. It seriously frightened me:
Sandra Bullock's an attractive woman, but this cover is ugliness epitomized. See my rant about DVD covers at this link.

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Sylvo said...

Actually, I saw the Blu-Ray cover for Premonition, and it preserved the awesome teaser art! At least somebody got it right...