Wednesday, August 08, 2007

DVD Cover Ruination: Zodiac DVD Cover Smothered With Floating Heads

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One of my favorite directors of all time is David Fincher and one of my favorite films of the past year was "Zodiac." Not content with being just an ordinary serial killer thriller, "Zodiac" reached for much higher goals and ended up being a masterpiece about obsession and the need to know. I just wish that David Fincher would make some more movies; though I love each and every one of his films (even "Panic Room" has its pleasures, although I wasn't as much a fan of "Alien 3,") he is not what you would call prolific.

Check out "Zodiac's" great poster art:
It's mysterious - a simple, a foggy shot of the Golden Gate with a delicious punny tagline: "There's more than one way to lose your life to a killer."

Now comes the floating head DVD cover art:

Although they've retained a different angle of the original shot, it has now been plastered with the zombie-like heads of the stars, a one-liner review from Peter Travers, and a headline informing us that it's by "the Director of Seven and Panic Room," which replaces the original tagline.

It's a thinking person's film. Why not retain the more elegant cover art rather than shoot, yet again, for the lowest common denominator?

P.S. If you're thinking about getting the DVD, don't yet. There's a huge special edition coming out next year.

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Chris said...

Why is it that the graphic designers for movies think that floating heads of the main on the cover will make me more likely to buy the movie? They pretty much all end up looking the same after a while. Honestly, I hardly give movies with that structure a second look unless I already know the movie.