Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Web Finds: Bibleman: The Videogame

If you thought Left Behind was amazing, you'll love Bibleman:

It's a sad day for Christians everywhere. I think this trailer makes baby Jesus cry.

[Via Kotaku]

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Chris said...

The arch villain is 'Wacky Protester'?!?! That is the *best* they could come up with? We're talking conservative Christianity here! There are so many better scapegoats you can use to indoctrinate your kids with! First of all there are all the Biblical bad guys you could use: Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, Gog, ruler of Magog, etc etc. But even if you want to not scare the kiddies why not 'Shady Drug Dealer' or 'Crooked Gang Member' or 'Evil Capitalist'? Come on - a protester??? That is just plain stupid! The arch enemy of Christian youths is someone who was against the status quo? Gosh, even for conservative Christianity that is just plain stupid. That reminds me actually of a dude who lived and was executed in Palestine around 33CE for shaking up the status quo.