Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fox's Shamelessness

At the Emmy awards the other night, Fox's Family Guy characters performed an admittedly funny and witty song:

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Fox's broadcast was shameful for two reasons. First of all, typically the network that hosts the Emmys doesn't participate in bashing shows from other networks, as a courtesy. This was particularly ironic given Fox's history of lowest-common-denominator television. And has anyone even watched "Family Guy" recently? That show has gone rapidly downhill since its return.

Second of all, Fox famously censored Sally Field's anti-war statements during her acceptance speech:

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Fox has never been particularly fair and balanced in its news coverage or its programming, but this recent moves takes it down to a new low.


Lan Bui said...

I have heard of the Sally Field thing, and had not watched it until now.

Wow, that is sad that everyone thinks it is because of the war. I think they censored it because she used profanity. You hear her say "God D" and what could possibly come after that?

Oh well, nothing I can do to change the minds of the masses in the witch hunt.

David Chen said...


Thanks for your comments.

Sorry you feel that I'm on a witch hunt. I didn't mean to give off that impression, and would like to think my attacks are reasoned.

After re-watching it, I've concluded that you are probably right about "God D" as the motivation behind the censoring. However, I would point out the hypocrisy that such a sentiment was censored, while Fox airs other, arguably worse things all the time (like the assassination montage during the actual Emmys).

In any case, it was a stupid move, if not an overtly political one.