Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CNN Chooses Its Own Election Winner By Choosing Candidate Headshots

Sorry guys, that Supreme Court post I promised is forthcoming, but in the meantime, thought I'd point out something I didn't see anywhere else.

I was checking out CNN's political coverage on its site (Didn't you hear? They have the best political team on television) on the night of the Michigan primary and I noticed that the candidates headshots were chosen in a very interesting way:

Clinton, Obama, and Edwards start cheery at the top, but by the time you get to Gravel, not only are you completely turned off, you're afraid for your life. Certainly this doesn't represent proof that CNN has a bias or preference towards certain candidates, although that phenomenon has been well documented in the past. But anyone that looks at this page is going to come away with a more favorable impression of Obama than of Dodd.

If CNN is so fair and impartial, why did they have to make the lesser candidates so completely unappealing and frightening?


Teresa said...

I don't think Gravel needed CNN to portray him as angry. He did it himself in the debates.

EK said...

ive always wondered how they go about picking the photos. If they use the official senate picture for Hillary, why not Barack's, and vice versa. They use official photos of Huckabee, Romney and McCain, but Guiliani's and Paul's photo often changes. So wierd.

Gabby said...

i'm not sure this is a bias. the candidates with positive numbers are smiling, while those with nonpositive numbers aren't. Its as simple as that. Its the photos that follow the results, not the other way around.