Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Writer's Block

(Photo by Flickr user Thorinside via CC)

Despite a recent increase in the number of subscribers to this blog, I haven't even been able to keep up with even my pathetic "1 quality post per week" update schedule. The problem has been a recent spout of writer's block. It's not for a lack of topics either. Jozjozjoz at 8Asians recently wrote up a post about the racist superbowl ads and how they were actually created by a mentally deficient South Asian man who singlehandedly helped to set race relations back by a couple of decades. And on Digg today, this extremely provocative post written by an abortion doctor in which she describes the joy she takes in doing job.

There's so much to write about. So much to comment about. So much that needs to get done, that needs to get said. Yet here I sit, unable to take it all in and synthesize it in a way that is meaningful and entertaining for the rest of you. These are the horrors of writer's block.

I know that this is a phase. I know that this, too, shall pass sometime soon. But for now I feel as though my creative skills are completely inert. I feel temporarily directionless, with no sense of who I am or what I want to be, not only blog-wise, but life-wise. And while writing this helps me cope, it doesn't help me deal with the broader problems that threaten to consume my whole psyche.

Nonetheless, we've all dealt with these things before. There are times we struggle with an inability or lack of desire to write and in the end, many of us overcome these problems and are stronger writers because of them. It's been a crazy last 7 days and although the roller coaster of my life is far from over, I know there'll be a lull coming up in the near future. There has to be, right?

Thank you all for sitting tight and being patient. I plan on being back in the game soon.


James said...

Set back race relations 20 years?? You are giving the work of Carlos Mencia and his ilk way, way, WAY too much credit.

David Chen said...

@James - I think it was more the combination of Mencia and that other terrible ad with Ling Ling's Panda Shack. I won't say the name of the company, as that would be playing right into their hands.

Bob said...

I found those commercials to be in poor taste as well, but I don't feel insulted by them.

I recently read a related question on another blog I frequent: is writer's block a required part of the process or is the time spent fumbling over what to write ultimately wasted?