Friday, May 11, 2007

The Domino Effect: Variations on a Theme

What is it about the art of dominoes that continues to fascinate man? Is it the sense of accomplishment at creation, or the thrill of destruction? The hypnotic "clickety-clak" sound that dominoes make when they fall? The subtle visual changes that occur to the design of the massive setups?

Here are a few domino setups that I enjoy, but they're not just regular dominoes...each one has an interesting twist. Enjoy:

Dominoes with household items:

(From Youtube user DEdwood)

Pool + French + Dominoes = Awesome:

(From Youtube user RedneckHealthCOM)

Domino PCs:

(From Youtube user eharbison)

Dominoes with Coins:

(From Youtube user guyolicheech)

Dominoes, Japanese-style:

(From Youtube user LondonboYEnsor)