Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Most Entertaining Digg Thread Ever.

[UPDATE: This post has been featured in webpronews! Thanks to writer Jason Lee Miller for bringing more attention to this blog, and to the unfortunate problem of ESL spammers. Also, the original thread on Digg has been removed, presumably because it violated Digg's TOS. All that remains of it is this screenshot above, and the quotes from the thread below. Enjoy.]

This morning, I was feeling curious so I started looking through other blogspot blogs that have been on Digg (using their search function). I noticed that had been submitted quite a few times.

Then I happened upon it. Possibly the most entertaining Digg thread ever.

This is what happens when a blogger gets too overzealous in promoting their blog on Digg. What apparently occurred is that the guy that runs ambatchmasterpublisher (a name so comically long and incomprehensible that I am shocked I myself can actually type the whole thing out) dugg one of his posts, then created dozens of accounts (or told his friends to create dozens of accounts), dugg himself in an attempt at making the front page, then left comments praising himself on the Digg thread.

There are a number of hilarious things about this situation, as well as one important lesson. First, the hilarity:

  • The various ways in which the guy tries to disguise that he is not the person (or behind the person) making the comments. The wide variety of screennames is very impressive; I don't even think I could think up that many if I tried.
  • The submitter's broken English leads to comments as diverse and amazing as:
    • "absolutely on dot ... perfect"
    • "Excellent"
    • "lovely and extra ordinary site ... gr8 work"
    • " GAF id is ggopi" [?????]
    • "Hello How are you, Good design Sir"
    • "This site looks cool and informative,Thanks for my friend to show the way..Cheers!"
    • "This site made me puzzle at first.But when I came to know the depth meaning, I have become surprised with joy and thought how great it is. I well come the the "" site. All the best."
  • The fact that the website itself has its own unweildy name plastered all over it...with links to itself. For seemingly no reason.
Anyway, the ultimate lesson in all of this? Don't try to game Digg, especially if you're doing it by yourself and in such an obvious way. It won't work, and you'll just end up humiliating yourself (also, you'll end up with a lot of worthless Digg accounts, not to mention the corresponding e-mail addresses that go along with each account).


Kris said...

You're right, that is just ridiculously funny.

I wonder if all the linking to himself is an ignorant attempt to raise his pagerank?

Jonas said...

I thought that these hilarious comments stemmed from a digg-wide 'move' to ridicule the blogtard by his own means. How could I have been so wrong.

R Riley Holmes said...

GAF stands for - the site where these hacks were hired.

Digg Reader said...

... And yet you submit this to Digg advertising your own site. *roll eyes*

My Thoughts on Manatees said...

Oh come on now. Don't be so harsh. It's not cheating, it's creative!

Enron execs were creative too, and look where it got them.

Bad analogy I know, but I'm tired. Leave me alone.

rSabin said...

It looks like he offered something in exchange for a DIGG.
Look all those comments with:
"Hi, my GAF ID is..."
"There is my GAF ID..."

What is this GAF?

Anonymous said...

would be funnier if i didn't have to click on every comment to read them :P